Pastor Andy Valenzuela and his wife, Pastor Patty Valenzuela, founded Ignite Movement Church, in October of 2012. They have been called by God to create a supernatural movement of His glory and demonstrate the power of God in El Paso, Texas.

Pastor Andy Valenzuela is the Senior Pastor of Ignite Movement Church in El Paso, Texas. Ignite Movement is considered to be the fastest growing multicultural church in the area. In the time frame of less than three short years, Ignite Movement’s membership has grown to over 1,200 members.

More than mere members, a very distinct characteristic that sets Pastor Andy Valenzuela apart, is the ability to form strong disciples and leaders. Having served over 20 years in the El Paso Police Department, retired police officer, Pastor Andy Valenzuela possesses unique abilities to lead and motivate individuals not to give up, but rather reach their goal.

Pastor Andy Valenzuela understands that a good pastor is not only one who leads, but one that has the heart of a father. This he demonstrates first with his two beautiful daughters, Andrea and Jaklyn, and with the rest of his spiritual sons and daughters.

Pastor Valenzuela also carries a strong teaching anointing. As he teaches, he imparts wisdom and revelation that can easily be traced back to the fruit in his life.

Pastor Patty Valenzuela began her call as a youth pastor with a small group of rebellious teenagers over 15 years ago. Knowing very well that God had called her to a life of ministry she remained firm and did not allow any kind of adversity to discourage her from continuing her God given call. Today she is enjoying the fruit of her faithfulness and tenacity.

Pastor Patty Valenzuela is a powerful woman of prayer. Because of her prophetic intercession, many impossibilities that Ignite Movement faced, were turned into evident manifestations of supernatural breakthroughs. Pastor Patty is used by God powerfully through preaching, inner healing and deliverance and building leaders and disciples alongside her husband, Pastor Andy.

Pastors Andy and Patty Valenzuela are under the spiritual covering of Apostle Guillermo Maldonado and Prophet Ana Maldonado from King Jesus Ministries in Miami, Florida. Pastors Valenzuela live in El Paso, Texas along with their two lovely daughters, Andrea and Jaklyn, who also serve in ministry.